Education for all' campaign launched in Orissa
NGO NIRMAN releases training Manual on Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI)
Orissa NGO Adhikar Disbursed Rs.110 Crore to 70 thousand beneficiaries through Microfinance
Sponsors Speak

Here are a few comments from our sponsors about their feelings of helping a community.
""A child without education is like a bird without wings" Our greatest natural resources are the minds of our children. I believe the purpose of education is to make minds and not careers & when it comes to being an architect of change, I don't know of any more effective blueprint than education. As education is the most powerful weapon that can change our society and the world. The first step towards change is awareness. The second is acceptance & the final step is action. DISHA is doing exceptional work in this field. I am thankful to DISHA as through it I got this opportunity to become a part of this noble initiative. It's a small effort on my be it.... it's better than doing nothing. "
"Education is a very important part of life. According to me, imparting education to every person in this country will bring development to the nation. With this philosophy, I would like to associate with an organization named “DISHA”. I hope my association will help these children in achieving meaningful education and grow in their life. It should help them to have a bright carreer in future. I hope in my endeavor to help DISHA, the nation sees change through education of these children and they in turn become responsible citizens of this country contributing to its development further."
"He who opens a school door, closes a prison.It has been great to know Disha and its children who are an inspiration to us.This small charity which I ve contributed has given me immense happiness and I hope more and more people come forward and become part of this noble initiative to educate the less fortunate ones. I wish these little ones move forward, open up new doors for themselves and do great things in life."
"It’s not easy to give our time or hand to help someone but we have to keep in mind that these children are the future of India. If we are citizens of this country, we should be interested in the seeds we are planting."
Everyone deserves the best start in life . DISHA is doing an incredible job by providing education to unprivileged children. I am inaugurating my new blog “Blog on New technologies” with a small contribution to a small kids in DISHA. Thanks for giving me this opportunity
" I feel very happy and blessed to be instrumental in helping an underprivileged child through DISHA."
"In times of despair, nothing feels better than a safe hand to hold on to. I lend my hand to the beautiful children in DISHA School to help them find their own way in life. It is a always a great comfort to provide a safe place when it’s needed to those who need it more in these times"
" If DISHA can do what it doing today for the poor, I am sure many can take inspiration from them to do what it takes to make a change in the world. "
" DISHA is doing a fantastic job providing quality education to the people, who really need".Supporting DISHA giving me great please....Jemiti...bund... bund... pani se sagar banti hei..sahi bhali..our small small contribution can make a differnce in DISHA family...wish u all the best.. "
" What DISHA is doing is path-breaking. It is giving the children what will make them empowered in life and that is education. I am thankful to Disha for giving me the opportunity to work with their children. "
" It was overwhelming to work with DISHA and their children. It is was an experience where I have learned the basic lesson of life that to have everything is not important until you are able to share it with someone. Coming to Disha was an eye-opener. "

Donate by Cheque/Deposit/Bank Transfer
We also accept cheques.
Please send your details to so that we can generate a receipt for the funds you have donated.

By Account Deposit/Transfer
Donors can deposit funds at Allahabad BANK Branch or alternatively make a bank transfer to the following account:

Name on the account : DISHA
Account Number : 050225256263
Name of the Bank : Allahabad BANK
Branch : Bhadrak, BHADRAK
IFSC Code : ALLA0210516

Donations by Cheque
Please make your cheques payable to Disha, Bhadrak and mail to:

Quazimohalla(Mir Sahi)
Purana Bazar
Email to

Please Note:
Any donations to are not currently eligible for IT exemption; usually any Donations to charity by Indian nationals are eligible for exemptions under section 80g Of the Income Tax Act. But if you are willing to help and donate to DISHA despite this you are welcome to do so. We will be using your donation for our ongoing programs.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for your kind gesture. Please do contact us in case of any queries.
Contact No:+91-9040181885

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