Education for all' campaign launched in Orissa
NGO NIRMAN releases training Manual on Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI)
Orissa NGO Adhikar Disbursed Rs.110 Crore to 70 thousand beneficiaries through Microfinance
  • Empowering People through ICT

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  • ICT for Women's Rights

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     Empowering People through ICT 

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Welcome to DISHA

What does it take to thrive in a world governed by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution? How do we tackle the growing divide between the technologically advanced developed nations and the developing countries?

Development Institute for Scientific Research, Health & Agriculture (DISHA) believes that it is education in ICT, environment, agriculture and health to the poor children and youth living in the developing countries that can bridge the digital divide.

The demand for highly skilled people is increasing and this has given rise to the need for creating a pool of skilled workforce in the developing world. DISHA aims at training the vast manpower available in developing countries to take advantage of the technological growth.

Sponsors Speak

If DISHA can do what it doing today for the poor, I am sure many can take inspiration from them to do what it takes to make a change in the world.

Vaneeta Nahar
House Wife

Everyone deserves the best start in life . DISHA is doing an incredible job by providing education to unprivileged children. I am inaugurating my new blog “Blog on New technologies” with a small contribution to a small kids in DISHA. Thanks for giving me this opportunity

Smruti Ranjan Nayak
Software Engg.

I feel very happy and blessed to be instrumental in helping an underprivileged child through DISHA.

Satya Behera
Senior Manager,HDFC Bank

In times of despair, nothing feels better than a safe hand to hold on to. I lend my hand to the beautiful children in DISHA School to help them find their own way in life. It is a always a great comfort to provide a safe place when it’s needed to those who need it more in these times


DISHA is doing a fantastic job providing quality education to the people, who really need".Supporting DISHA giving me great please....Jemiti...bund... bund... pani se sagar banti hei..sahi bhali..our small small contribution can make a differnce in DISHA family...wish u all the best..

Akash Biswal
Emirates Refining Co. Ltd.

What DISHA is doing is path-breaking. It is giving the children what will make them empowered in life and that is education. I am thankful to Disha for giving me the opportunity to work with their children.

Yasmin Habib
House Wife

It was overwhelming to work with DISHA and their children. It is was an experience where I have learned the basic lesson of life that to have everything is not important until you are able to share it with someone. Coming to Disha was an eye-opener.

Subhrasima Mohanty
House wife

It’s not easy to give our time or hand to help someone but we have to keep in mind that these children are the future of India. If we are citizens of this country, we should be interested in the seeds we are planting.

Hasham Khan
Software Engg.

Volunter Speak
"What I’ve been able to see and know about DISHA, I’ve came to the understanding that this small organization fights with everything that can to create opportunities to the children and to the community. It has been a valuable experiment to make part of this purpose."
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