Education for all' campaign launched in Orissa
NGO NIRMAN releases training Manual on Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI)
Orissa NGO Adhikar Disbursed Rs.110 Crore to 70 thousand beneficiaries through Microfinance

Get Involved

DISHA seeks support through:

Instead of giving your money, you can also think about participating in the daily action of the organization by volunteering. Your time and expertise can be meaningful on helping the others. National and international volunteers are most welcome to join us!

Knowledge Sharing
We seek collaborations all over the globe by creating a network to share ideas and to accomplish them. It would be great if you encourage your friends to take action in your own village or city and create something good for the community. It can be a one day project or something more permanent. We can help each other in creating these projects!

Through donations of books, it is our intention to create a small library for the children. School books, short-stories, enchanted stories, dictionaries and so on. We think it is really important they having contact with different types of printed books.

Books and stationary
We seek Teachers that would like to teach matters as the Computer and Tailoring Class, develop Awareness Days throughout Bhadrak and, if you are in a long distance from here, you can give online classes through the platform that suits you the most.

Donations and Sponsorship
You have the power to help those who suffer from social injustice. Through donations in gender (books, clothing, painting materials, musical instruments, etc) or funds, you can make a difference in the life of the youth.

Sponsorship allows us to create bigger events for the community and also beneficiate you or your company. By creating this sharing partnership we aim to generate opportunities in different sectors.

We seek collaborations all over the globe by creating a network to share ideas and to accomplish them.

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